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May 06, 2016

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January 26, 2000
It's way past my bedtime and I've eaten way too many cookies today. Snow is great except when you can't see any of your friends and I'm sick of being at home! I have nothing meaningful enough to say right now... of course I usually don't. Hopefully tomorrow will be more fun than the previous days.
Midterms! Yay!

It's been awhile since I've had to face such a daunting blank template, the ever-empty textbox.

This is my 669th entry here on Diaryland. It is also my last. I thought it fitting to end this on the same date that it was started. Like bookends, maybe. 'Tis a bit silly, I know. It's just a journal. It's just html. And yet, it's me. I must sound so ridiculous, being so sentimental. But at the same time, I've had this diary for five years even if I only maintained it regularly for the first four. Still, that's five years of my life. I'm practically in shock here to have kept up with such an endeavor for so long. My previous journal from junior high lasted about 6 months. So maybe five years is a big deal.

Unfortunately, this space has overstayed its welcome. The people who once cared no longer do. Most of the writers I enjoyed have long since stopped updating or moved to other servers.

Also, there's a constant pressure to update this. I don't really know why. I've moved on. But just the fact that it remains here and unfinished makes me painfully aware of this odd need to write something. Like an obligation or duty. Stupid pride.

So here it is. The end.

Over the next few months, I'll be taking the archives (and the guestbook and pretty much everything) down for good. If you're still interested in... uh... stalking me, as you have been this past half-decade, head on over to Lifejournal.com, get yourself an account and add me to your Friends list. Most of what I write there is Friends Only, so you'll need to have an account. You can still email me at [email protected] or my normal account if you have it. But seriously, Livejournal is da bomb. Go there now!

Other than that? Diaryland has served me well and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants an online journal. I'm actually sad to see this diary end. Like, I think I'm unconsciously continuing to type so that my entry doesn't have to end. So I don't have to let go.

But it's time.



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